Needing something to watch while i ground out the levels in Diablo III i looked at the movies recently released this year.

I had seen an advertisement for ‘The Big Short’ numerous times while i was on holiday in America and was impressed at the cast they had managed to accumulate.

Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Steve Carrell- these are some of the film and television industries biggest names. And i must admit after watching a couple Brad Pitt movies over the last couple of months i had really taken a liking to him.


From what i had seen and read about this movie it seemed to be another ‘economy’ or ‘financial’ themed movie- and it was. It looked at a number of bankers, fund managers and wall-street wannabes trying to ‘cash in’ on what they believed would be the fall of the housing economy due to these mortgage/bond/package things.

Honestly this movie felt like it was trying to be like ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’  (WOWS) which was a  movie i really enjoyed. They had the narration, the big stars (but not all good as good old Leo) and the whole economy storyline. They has parts where they explained key terms and theories, like WOWS, they even had Margot Robbie there to explain something about mortgages. But it was not anything like that movie- even though it tried to hard. The storyline was just so bland, at times the economy aspect was too boring and complex and it was trying to be something it was not.

At the end i had no idea what happened to each of the characters, or even how these characters all fit together to construct a storyline. While i liked how it focuses on many different individuals in different personal situations- from the fund manager who is a bit of a ‘social’ weirdo, walking around the office barefoot; to the two young kids looking to find their big break on wall street. How these characters developed and fit into the big jigsaw that was this economic collapse that would be known as the 2008 depression was murky at best.

Maybe i am missing something, as i am sure it was nominated for an Oscar or two. To me it seems they were trying to cash in on what the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ had started.



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