Time for another First Episode Friday, a weekly feature on my blog.

This week i will be watching the first episode of the classic 90s supernatural series ‘The X-Files’. I must admit i have never watched a single episode of this show-it premiered before i was born and aired while i was a young child. Unfortunately it would not have been appropriate for me to watch it then!

I have been meaning to dive into the deep end and watch this series, but have never found the time to sit down and take a chance. There is no time like the present!


The X Files


Agent Dana Scully is instructed to debunk an FBI project dubbed “The X-Files,” paranormal cases that have been reopened by Agent Fox Mulder.

The show started out with the standard supernatural show introduction- the scene at the beginning that shows the abduction, alien, crime or other supernatural activity.

First we are introduced to Scully. As we see her walking through the FBI office i had a slight giggle at the old 90s technology, furniture and decal. The computers especially. I must admit coming into the show i did not realise she is a medical doctor but chose not to practice. She is partnered with Mulder in an effort by the FBI administration to keep an eye on him as he has been doing investigations into the ‘X-Files’, crimes that are considered unexplained phenomenon. He is a psychologist with a fascination with the paranormal. It seems like a dead end placement, even Mulder asked what she had done to get this assignment. Whether she has done anything has yet to be revealed, but maybe the fact she is a women may play into this.

I also must disclose that Mulder is incredible attractive, just UH! His voice is divine too.

This first episode really sets the tone of the show and what to expect from the next couple of episodes. There was a hint of a possible series long, or at least a couple episode long, plot arch. The story was interesting and i was engaged the whole episode. The soundtrack and music.

The relationship between Mulder and Scully i feel is the centre of the show. Even after only being partnered for a couple days they work well as a team and compliment each other. The bonding moment midway through the episode highlighted this for me, with this relationship one of the key reasons i will continue watching the series. I want to see how they progress, how they get better at working as a team and what they uncover during their investigations.

Overall i think the show holds up in the present day. This pilot episode premiered in 1993 and 23 years later it still makes an impact and looks relevant compared to todays production quality. we don’t get much of the supernatural explored in this episode, it is a good teaser as to what is coming and hints at a possible series plot arch. It reveals enough about the characters to let you know who they are and how they might develop over the series. The special effects look good and i personally love the soundtrack. The  again this show did create one of the most iconic scores in television history.

I will continue to plough through all 9 seasons of this show and eventually watch the modern reboot. I can see why it is a classic and from what i have watched it is right up my alley.

Let me know what you guys have to say! Have you watched the X-Files and loved every moment of it, or have another show you would like to recommend?

I have started to keep a record of what i have watched on my IMDB page so check it out!


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