Everyone has one… the pile of books at the bottom of your bookshelf. Gifts from Christmas, Birthdays or just books you have picked up over the years but never have got around to reading.

My shelf of shame has grown over the last couple of years. I keep adding books to it with the promise of reading them before buying or starting new books.

So to finally make good on my promise to start clearing out my shelf of shame one of my 2016 Reading Challenges is to read all of those books this year!

So to start this challenge off i thought it would be awesome to do a ‘tour’ of this shelf and take a look of the books that have resided there since the beginning of time and how i acquired them. These books are the books on my shelf that have not yet been read and hopefully this year that will change.


Here is my bookshelf and i must apologise for the mess..and the poor lighting. While i normally love natural light in my bedroom the fact that it is 40C outside has prompted me to close all curtains and run my fan on full all day.

The Shelf second column, third row is my infamous shelf of shame.


Here it is in all of its glory. Books upon books piled upon each others, in two rows because there was not enough room to go single file.

 12483445_1112608228779283_87478570_n (1)

This first section of books in my shelf are a combination of gifts and books i picked up from the second hand books sale at university.

Tomorrow When the War Began, The Book Thief and Kingdom of the Golden Dragon are all Christmas gifts from my Aunt from the last 3 years. They are all highly recommended, even classics, so hopefully i will finally read them this year.

Ripple Effect, The Lazarus Vendetta, The Ultimate Aphrodisiac and Rainbow Six were part of the ‘Box of Books for $10’ at my university. I picked them up at the titles or the blurb seemed interesting. Whether they will actually be good reads is another story.


These three books were also part of the university book sale. The Disciple and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil are both crime books which is one of my personal favourite genres. Reign In Hell is more of a political book, and i have read the first 100 pages and have enjoyed it so far.


The back row of my shelf is more crowded. Read Player One  is on the top of my to-read list after hearing glowing reviews from many sources. I actually received this in a Loot Crate in 2014.

The Bourne Sanction, The Moscow Vector and Disaster all came from the book sale. When i saw a L.Ron Hubbard book i could not resist picking it up out of pure curiosity-especially because of his reputation.

Winter is my Shield was another Christmas gift from my Aunt. The rest of the books were purchases from various second hand bookshops around my house. As the Crow Flies, Burial Rites, Crossing Places, The Killing II and Golden Fool  were books i never heard of but decided i would buy to read as they seemed like books i would like. Hannibal Rising and Amulet of Samarkand were books i had read previously but would love to reread and when i saw the physical copy i just had to have it. Especially the Thomas Harris book as my collection is now complete.

I hope you all enjoyed my tour of my Shelf Of Shame. Hopefully you will all see reviews of many of these books in the coming months as it is my resolution and my reading challenge to reading everything on the shelf.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to my Shelf of Shame

  1. Yes, I enjoyed the tour a lot. This is a brilliant idea, as well. I can’t seem to stop taking books out of the library, only to return them unread. And I don’t dare going into Oxfam anymore because the books are so cheap I always walk out with a bunch of them 😀

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    1. Second hand book shops are one of my weaknesses! They are so cheap and sometimes they have old editions that i can’t resist


  2. I enjoyed the tour 😀 Love Robin Hobb’s books. She’s best fantasy author ever!
    Hmm my book shelf is in state where I can not simply fit any more new books there! So they’re kind of on the floor…and on the table…I need tardis book case. Anyways, now I am fond of ebooks because of that, amount of unread books on my ereader….let’s not discuss that 😀

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