Hello and Welcome (Back) to my blog!

While i have been blogging for nearly a year now i have decided that with the new year i should reintroduce myself and this blog.

With the start of the New Year i decided to go back and look at all the posts on this blog from the very beginning. It was… interesting to see how everything changed over the days, the weeks and the months. To see how my writing changed, my thoughts developed, (my skills at graphic design and creating headers improving) and to see this blog grow into something i have enjoyed doing and being able to put a little bit of myself into the words 0n this page.

The biggest thing for me was looking back at the ‘about page.’ This was one of the first things i created on this blog. The aim was to not only inform you, my readers and friends, what this blog is about but also to help me keep on track with my posts this year. While some of the things hold true from that page, many have changed, evolved or just are not a part of my blog anymore. While i will be updating this page soon, i decided it was appropriate to write what was going to be a short post about myself, but actually turned into a pretty long posts about this blog and my goals for this year in blogging (also the Blogging 101 course told me to. Wink Wink)

About Me

I live in Perth, Western Australia

My Name is Caitlin

I am 20 years old

I have finished my Bachelor of Science majoring in Pathology and i am starting some sort of postgraduate degree this year

I love reading, watching good television shows and movies, playing sport and most importantly a massive hot chip enthusiast

This Blog

I started this blog as an outlet for personal thoughts; for reviews on games, books, movies and shows; and to share my youtube videos.

While to some extent i still do these things it is so much more now.

Through this blog i have rediscovered my love for reading and have set so many reading goals for this year. I have started writing reviews for the majority of books i have read which was something i never thought i would achieve. These reviews started out as difficult to write, but as the year progressed writing became easier and book reviews will continue to be an important part of this blog.

I also love watching movies and television shows and will continue to write reviews when inspiration hits. I had initially endeavoured to write reviews on everything i watched, but i found that forcing myself made blogging and writing a chore. I decided that i would write reviews about things i enjoyed or was inspired by. I also decided to start up First Episode Friday as a weekly series to watch the pilot of various shows, whether new or old, that i had never watched and will be continuing this throughout the year.

This blog will also still have personal posts. Posts about my life, thoughts and just general things i find interesting to share. I would love to try to get back into posting youtube videos and streaming on twitch which might become a part of my blog.

Thank you so much for reading, for following my blog or for just stopping by to say hello.

I am looking forward to a great year of blogging with so much ahead of me this year,



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