I have seen many people already posting their 2016 reading challenges, and i thought i would start the ball rolling on my end. While i have really increased my reading over the last couple of months, i know i can push myself even more to read more books this new year!

There are a couple of challenges i will be participating in.

Goodreads Reading Challenge

This year i am going to try to read one book every week for the Goodreads Reading Challenge. While it might not be possible some weeks for me to read a book every week, especially during the middle of university and football season, there will be weeks where i can catch up on my ‘quota’ and i aim read at least 52 books this year!

Book Shelf of Shame Challenge

This is my own challenge as i decided something has to be done about my book shelf of shame- the small collection of books at the bottom of my book shelf that i have not read yet. It keeps growing and i keep reading other. This year i am aiming to empty this shelf and finally read the books i have received as gifts, picked up at second hand book shops or just have acquired over the years.

Goodreads Award Challenge

The next challenge i will be participating in is the Goodreads Award Challenge hosted by Books of Amber. While i had heard of some of the award winners i had read only a couple of them and decided that needed to change. For this challenge you choose categories and what tier (number of books) you are aiming to read in this category. Here are my goals for this challenge

  • Young Adult Fiction- Tier 2 (3-5 Books)
  • Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction- Tier 3 (6-8 Books)
  • Debut Goodreads Author- Tier 2 (3-5 Books)
  • Science Fiction- Tier 3 (6-8 Books)
  • Fantasy- Tier 2 (3-5 Books)
  • Historical Fiction- Tier 1 (1-2 Books)
  • Mystery and Thriller- Tier 1 (1-2 Books)
  • Fiction- Tier 1 (1-2 Books)

Reading Checklist Challenge


The last challenge i will be participating in is hosted by Bookclubbish and is a checklist of books of varying genres, authors and themes. I love this concept and this will really force me outside my comfort zone of reading and read books of different authors and genres.

Let me know what challenges you are participating in this year!

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