Welcome back to another FIRST EPISODE FRIDAY, a new weekly blog feature that involves me watching the first episode of a television show. This week i am continuing with the new releases, watching the pilot episode of ‘Second Chance’ which officially premiers on FOX January 13.


Second Chance


A billionaire and a bioengineer bring a dead police officer back to life.

The IMBD description is very brief, but very accurate. To sum it up the show is about a police officer in his 70s being killed and bought back to life by genius Otto and his sister Mary. Ray Pritchard is the main character and a disgraced police sheriff after it was found he was guilty of witness tampering and planting evidence to try to keep his community safe. First off i instantly disliked the main character as i binge watched the whole ‘Making of a Murderer’ show on Netflix yesterday which was all about how the justice system failed because of evidence planting and the belief that someone is guilty until proven innocent instead of the converse…but enough of that. Ray smokes, drinks and uses prostitutes and generally is a dodge guy. His son is an FBI agent and had to raise his daughter all by himself. He walks in on someone breaking into his Sons office and looking at files, which results in his death. It is made to look like he jumped and committed suicide, that he could not live with what he did and his ruined reputation.

Then there is Otto and Mary, the rich genius twins. Otto is withdrawn and socially inept genius (the usual stereotype) and made up a language ‘twin speak’ to speak with his sister, we never see him speak to anyone else. The acting was weird and the dialogue strange for otto- I feel they were trying to convey his obvious social problems but they went over the top and strange. Mary is the face of the company they both created and communicates to the world for Otto as she stated in an interview. They are the ones who bring him back, well Otto brings him back to try to cure his sister cancer.

This pilot episode was actually pretty good- especially for being a Fox pilot about a cop bought back to life as a 35 year old. The science was interesting, though as a pathology student i am continuously looking at what they say to see if they are wrong…as that is a pet peeve of mine. It is unclear how exactly they managed to bring him back and give him super strength and i hope int he future that will be explained. Also Mary has been having chemo for months and still looks healthy and perfect?  The story is interesting, though i do not know really where they will go from where they ended this episode. There was no season arc introduced at any point, unless they are going to try to justify his evidence planting that he did years ago…then i will be annoyed.

Acting was ok apart from Otto, and the dialogue was passable- i have definitely experience worse. I don’t like the main character but the premise of the show was interesting enough to keep me watching. However at times the special effects were just bad and you could tell it was a green screen or they just added heaps of light to try to hide the poor effects- hopefully that improves if they continue to go down the futuristic path they are following.

There were actually some pretty cool twists in this episode too- who was the one who killed Ray, his first interaction with Mary and how they may explore and deal with the relationship between Ray and his son. They have already interacted and obviously he cannot learn that his father is alive, younger and super strong and the way they have hinted they will deal with this was interesting!

This episode exceeded my expectations and while i may not be itching to watch the next episode, if i see it somewhere i may just give it a second chance.

There we go! Let me know if you would consider watching this and whether there are any shows you recommend me watch for my next FEF! It can be newly released shows or old classics i may have never watched!


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