I cannot believe we have reached the end of 2015, it flew by so quickly. Some cool things happened this year

  • I finished my Bachelors Degree in Science with a decent GPA. I got distinctions or higher in all of the subjects in my major and my electives (the only thing bringing it down was the engineering units i did before i switched my majors)
  • I got accepted into the Masters Program at university (only today i found out! But i am waiting to see if i get accepted into Honours first before committing to it)
  • I went on a 24 day trip to America with my friend. This was my first trip to America, my first trip without my family and only my second trip outside of the country.
  • I volunteered for my second year at a football team and loved every moment of it. I have learnt so much and met some wonderful people
  • I made a couple new friends at university (unfortunately i cannot pass the stage of friendship when you can hang outside of university)
  • I played my 5th year of AFL and participated in one of the state academy squads. I am hoping that next year i can play at a higher level and get better, fitter and hopefully start to love the game again
  • And of course i started this blog and i have stretched my wings and started reading again, writing blog posts again and doing some new things

However there were some things that were not so cool.

  • i had some huge anxiety problems that still continue to effect me
  • i still have not gotten my drivers license and have a hatred of driving
  • i lost some of my school friends and had trouble making friends in general

This year i am hoping to become a better person, do some new things and experience some good old ‘character development’. So what better way to start of the new year by making some resolutions… goals that pretty much everyone makes at the beginning of the year but only few complete.

  • Get my drivers licence. While i wont drive anywhere as i am a big believer in cycling and public transport, this will just make those situations where other options are not a possibility easier then begging my dad to take me.
  • Get fitter and get drafted to the AFL (stretch goal). I love playing AFL and with the womens competition coming up this year i would love to have the chance to get selected and play at a higher level. The biggest thing for me is getting fitter!
  • Get at least above a distinction in my postgraduate this year. I would love to go into medicine or a pHD and a good mark would help my cause. While i did ok in my undergrad, the change in majors really hit my GPA and that is all that counts (unfortunately) when applying for post graduate courses.
  • Make some new friends and  be more social. I am not a person who loves to go out and i do not have many close friends that i can chat to and do things with. This year i would love to make new friends and go out and do more things. If i could meet a special someone that would also be great. I do feel lonely at times, and would like to meet someone that i can have a really close relationship with and share everything with, and i have not met any one like this yet (fun little fact about me- i have not been on a date or had a boyfriend)
  • Continue blogging and grow my blog in content and awesomeness. I have loved blogging this year and will continue this year, trying to be a but more consistent in my posting and even feature some new content
  • Take better care of myself- i often am too lazy or just don’t have the motivation to do these simple things and just take care of myself. This year i definitely will try to think about my well being
  • Learn how to do make-up that actually looks decent. No more expansion is needed on this
  • Get into making youtube videos and twitch streaming. Throughout high school and university gaming was something i never really did as i felt it was a waste of time i needed for studying. Combined with work and sports all of my spare time was taken up and i never could get into gaming. I previously started uploading to youtube and loved it, and i also really want to stream. At least doing things like this makes me feel that i am not wasting time and playing games in my room, but entertaining people or informing them as well!
  • Save money for the future. While i am not moving out anytime in the future or going on any holidays i would like to save a little nest egg for those just in case situations.

Those are my plans for the new year, and while i can guarantee i will not be able to stick to all of them for the whole year, the main thing is that i try and at least remember that i there is so much more that life, and my life in particular, can offer.

So to everyone Happy New Year… i don’t actually celebrate it much but congratulations for experiencing another orbit of the earth around the sun and starting another trip around the sun that will take 365.25 days from this very point to complete.

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