This weeks list is TOP TEN BEST BOOKS I READ IN 2015. Since August i really tried to get back into reading, as due to university work, sports and just general life ‘stuff’ i forgot how much i loved reading and books. I am so proud to say that i really turned it around and look forward to reading more and more in the next coming months 🙂

Enough of the background story, here is the list.

10. The Eternity Cure


Sometimes i lose enthusiasm for the series after the second book. This was not the case with this book and i felt it complimented the first well and was just overall great to read.

9. Fever


Ok Robin Cook is one of my favourite authors. There are a lot of his books on this list written by him but at the moment i am simply loving medical thrillers!

8. The Martian


I have still to watch the movie. As i am typing this now in the airport i am hoping it will be available on the plane. Anyways i loved the first person POV in this story and Weir made me enjoy reading it when normally i shy away from first person. The science, maths and general awesomeness of being on Mars stranded and alone by surviving just added to my enjoyment of the book.

7. The Selection


The Bachelor meets a YA dystopian setting- i loved this book as it was funny to read and also when i read this book i needed a bit of romance in my life. Also reminds me of one of my favourite fan fiction AUs.

6.The Immortal Rules


This was one of the first YA fantasy books i read on my quest to get back into reading. I loved the story and the good balance between the romance and the other stuff. The new way Julie approached Vampires was also a breath of fresh air.

5.Chromosome 6


This makes my list as i felt a certain attachment to the story as it so closely related to out own university project for pathology this year. This book to me was a great example of how good scientific research and knowledge can be imparted into a book to make a great reading experience.



Another Robin Cook book…sorry. This makes my list and it was just plain creepy. He creates a super genius kid that has no sense of a conscious or empathy and murders people in cold blood while doing medical research for his own interest. Definitely an interesting read!



I loved this book so much and once i get home from my trip i cannot wait to read the next book in the series. This is number 3 on my list and not only was it enjoyable, it did the Cinderella story in a new and interesting way that i absolutely adored.

2. Red Dragon


I re-read this book in preparation for Hannibal Season 3 and i came out of it loving it more then i did before and noticing some new details in the characters and the plots.

1 . Coma


Coma is my favourite book i read this year as it introduced me to a new authors and really rekindled my love for medicine and pathology! I love the story and characters in Coma.. actually in pretty much all of Robin Cook’s books. This was the first book i read by him and not only did i love it and continue to read more by him, the happiness i got from understanding the medical terminology and theories therefore proving i had learnt something in my 3 years at university is a welcome comfort.

There we go my FAVOURITE books i have read this year. I cannot believe there is only 2 weeks until the beginning of the new year and i am so excited to see what is next in reading for me.

Remember to tell me what you think and share with me your TTT list ❤

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