Another TOP TEN TUESDAY, by the lovely Broke and Bookish.

This week are some authors i have fallen in love with in 2015. I have read many new books this year, more then previous as i have tried to push myself to read more this year. While i may not reach a list of 10, i am proud of the new authors i have discovered this year and how much i have read. So this list is a count down of my favourite authors I have discovered this year!

1 Robin Cook


I discovered this author as Dan Brown recommended one of Cook’s most iconic books Coma on his Goodreads page. I saw ‘medical’ and ‘thriller’ and was instantly interested. Only a few pages in i was hooked and have read 4 more Robin Cook books, with plans to read the rest of his writings.

2. Julie Kagawa


The Blood of Eden  series is one of the most recent YA series i have read and really got me back into reading for fun (not for university work). I really enjoyed the series, especially the world she created and her new take on Vampires and Humans and their relationship with each other. I will definitely add her other books to my list.

3. Kiera Cass


While i have only read one of her books, the first of The Selection series i really enjoyed her writing. While at times the characters annoyed me slightly, the next books in the series are on my ‘to read’ list in the near future.

4. Marissa Meyer


My current favourite YA book series! Finished Cinder in record time and starting the rest of The Lunar Chronicles in the next week or so. I love the world she has created in the series and i must admit the book cover is beautiful.

5.  Alexandria Bracken


One of the first YA books i read a couple months ago when i started reading again. While reading the next books in The Darkest Minds series is not on the top of my reading list (and i did not enjoy the first book as much as some of the other books i have read) her writing really reminded me how much i enjoyed reading and lead to me reading more and more over future months.

6. Julie Murphy


I saw her book Dumplin’ on many book recommendation lists and instantly fell in love with the story and her characters. A real ‘feel-good’ book with a strong message about body image it was one of my favourite books i read this year with a great message that reached so many people.

So there we go guys! I could only make a list of 6 this time. While i did read books by more authors, i felt that these 6 were new authors discovered this year that really contributed to my journey in rediscovering my love of reading. And for many of the authors i have read multiple books by them because i loved their writing so much!

So share with my your TTT lists and i should hopefully be back to posting regular reviews and posts in the future as i get back from my holiday and settle into the long university holidays!

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