Another TOP TEN TUESDAY, by the lovely Broke and Bookish.

Another TTT- even though it is a little late! This was the TTT for November 24.. but i am currently in AMERICA for the first time ever doing a trip with one of my closest friends.

This week (or should i say last week) was a Thanksgiving themed Freebie, so i choose the very obvious topic ‘Top Ten Books  I Am Thankful For’. These books were the books of my childhood, my teenage years and the 2 years of adulthood that i have experience so far (‘adult’ is used very loosely)

Lets get to it!


  1. The Harry Potter Series

These were the books of my childhood- i remember reading them over and over until the pages ripped and the spines on my hard cover books fell off. These books really got me started reading at an early age.


2. Red Dragon

A Thomas Harris classic. I loved the movie, and the Hannibal TV Show, and i loved being able to read the book and just get another story and all the little details in the books.


3. Deltora Quest

I would read these books over and over. I loved the series, and having the full set on my bookshelf. The cover and the spine designs were the best… and i can’t forget about the plot and the characters. Jasmine was one of my childhood heroes!


4. Eragon

Another book series of my childhood (forgetting the end of the final book… i was so let down). I would read the first book over and over, and even try to learn the elvish language. I would fantasise about finding a Dragon egg and becoming a dragon rider. If only…


5. Coma

The first Robin Cook book i ever read- and i really solidified my love of medicine and why i have chosen a career in medicine (whether it is in research, lab work, or as a doctor if i get in and pursue that path) I have since read 3 or 4 other Robin Cook books and i am loving the topics. I also feel like i have achieved something when i understand the medical terms they talk about!


6. Contest and Temple

I cannot remember which i read first, but either way these were the first books in which i was exposed to the wonderful writing of Matthew Reilly. I have since read all of his other books, and attended book signings and had the chance to talk to him and tell him how much his writing has inspired me and given me joy.


7. The Da Vinci Code

When my dad handed me this book i was intrigued- by the title, the blurb and that there was also a movie staring Tom Hanks. I really enjoyed this book, and it was probably the first ‘adult’ book i had ever read. Again this is one of the books i reread every year, as well as the other Dan Brown books on my bookshelf.


8. A Song Of Ice And Fire 

I must say i watched the tv show before reading the books. It took me a good 6 weeks to get into the first book, and after i had really got into it i had finished the rest in the next month or so. My George R.R. Martin shelf sits next to my Dan Brown and Matthew Reilly shelves with pride. However i have no idea where i will put the next book when it is released.


9. Enid Blyton Books

I used to have so many of her books and her short stories, and when i was young i used to read them over and over. I loved how they had a message at the end of each story, to make sure you learnt somthing whether it was to share your toys, watch what you say or treat your parents right.

10. Fan Fiction

Yes, i know they are not books per say, but kudos to the authors who write these stories. I love fics as you can find stories written by fans who love the show, movie or game as much as you! Whether you are looking for a fic about a character, show or pairing you can pretty much find it. Want a Star Trek fic where Jim is still at the academy trying to outwit the Kobayashi Maru and Spock is somehow involved. Or a Harry Potter AU where Harry is in Slytherin, or secretly befriends Draco in 8th year (damn i love eight year fics) you got it!

So there we go, my top ten books i am thankful for!

Sorry for it being so late… but let me know what your TTT’s are!


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