Another TOP TEN TUESDAY, by the lovely Broke and Bookish. Sorry it is so late i had my final university exams for my degree this week so i was studying all week!

This week are 10 Book to Movie/Tv Show adaptations i am looking forward to or that i need to watch. Over the last couple of years especially there has been an increase in the number of book to movie adaptations- and for the most part they have been amazing (RIP Eragon…). There have also been some great book series to tv series adaptations that also seem promising!

  1. Coma 

I loved this book! And i did not even realise until today that there was a movie adaptation of this book. RobinCook reminds me of Dan Brown and Matthew Reilly in his writing- and i am definitely going to watch this movie on Thursday night after i have finished my exams.

   2. The Martian

This movie was only just released a month or so ago- and with exam season in full swing i have not had a chance to go watch it yet. The book was amazing and i have heard only good things about this movie from many other people so i am also eagerly waiting for exams to be finished so i can lose myself on Mars.

   3. Inferno

‘Angels and Demons’ and the ‘ Da Vinci Code’ are two absolute classics, in both book and movie form. Tom Hanks makes an amazing Robert Langdon, and with the movie adaptation of ‘Inferno’ underway i am super excited. It was probably my favourite Dan Brown book to date.

  4. Any Matthew Reilly Book

There have been so many rumours that so-and-so has the rights to this book to make a movie, and this studio is starting development for this book. I just would love to see Scarecrow on the big screen- as long as they get the casting right and really embody the energy of Matthew Reilly and his writing.

5. Mockingjay Part 2

I read the Hunger Games trilogy years ago after one of my close friends recommended it- and i remember staying up until 4am to finish the final book and was ‘blown away’ with how it ended (i am so sorry for the pun, so so sorry). So i am looking forward to watching the final film.

6. The Scorch Trials

I really enjoyed the first movie and with a great cast this movie is sure to be a good one! I know it has been out for ages, but i have never got around to seeing it yet.

7. Hannibal

I swear every list has Hannibal or Thomas Harris in it- i am really sorry. While i have watched the first 2 seasons of the Hannibal TV Show i have still not finished the third season- and this is the Francis Dolarhyde/Red Dragon protion of the show. One day i will get around to watching it….

8.  Deadpool

He is one of my favourite comic book characters- behind my beloved Captain America of course. His comic’s are amazing and hilarious, i mean the Deadpool and Hawkeye cross over was one of the best things i have read. I hope they do this character justice on the big screen.

9. Fantastical Beasts and Where To Find Them 

It is a Harry Potter Universe Movie. Nothing more needs to be said.

10. Frankenstien

i read the book for my year 11 English Literature assignment and actually really enjoyed it! When i say that these two actors would be in a new movie adaptation of the classic i got really excited to see what they would come out with !

There we go! My Top 10 Movie/Tv Show adaptations that i am looking forward too or still need to watch ! Let me know what ya’ll think 🙂

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