Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Broke and Bookish.

This weeks TTT was a halloween themed freebie! This meant that i could do anything horror related or halloween related. As an Australian, Halloween isn’t very big over here and i am not the biggest fan of scary books or movies. But i will attempt to write a list of books that scared me! I could only come up with 5, as i have not read many horror books- but i am open to suggestions!

1. Red Dragon

I probably have said this 100 times on this blog- i love Thomas Harris and Hannibal and Red Dragon and everything. These books are my favourite and i love them. While they do not scare me in the traditional horror sense, they do make me uneasy. The way Hannibal is so casual in eating people, how creepy he is and his relationship with Will and Clarice. Buffalo Bill was also one of my favourite characters in the series, and how they explored his drive to become a women by making a human skin suit. Hannibal’s escape from custody in ‘Silence of the Lambs’ is also one of my favourite scenes in both the movie and the books.

2. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Don’t laugh- this books scared me as a child. And when i say child i was like 8 or 9 years old. While i love the Harry Potter Series with all my heart, the scene in the forbidden forrest when Voldemort drinks the unicorn blood and scares the (merlins) pants off Draco and Harry gave me nightmares. Also the whole thing with Voldemorts face on the back of Quirrell freaked me out.

3. Pretty Much all of the Goosebumps Books

in my childhood i owned many Goosebumps books- and half a book was read before i was severely creeped out and never picked up one again. Pretty sure it was the one about the summer camp. Or a shoe monster. Whatever it was it scared me enough to not read another book.

4. Heart of Darkness

Yes i know this book raises some important issues about colonisation and human rights and everything…and especially useful and informative when studying it in english literature. But the analysis and actually reading this book scared me on a emotional level. It was so hard to read- it was just boring to me with weird language, writing and a very slow plot. I ended up not finishing it (even though we had to write an essay about it). Analysing it for english lit and doing assessments on it and class discussions was the fuel of my nightmares for the 7 or so weeks we spend analysing it during class. Read at your own peril!

5. 50 Shades of Grey

This did not scare me in the horror sense. I need to emphasise this. Nor did the sexual content scare me- i have read books/fan fic with similar content and was non plussed. What did scare me was that this book is very popular… somehow with the writing and language and everything. That this book was being used as a model for a healthy relationship. And that the main thing that scared me was that IT IS BASICALLY WHEN YOU SKIN IT DOWN THE PLOT OF TWILIGHT. IT IS A TWILIGHT FAN FIC. THE PLOT IS BASICALLY THE SAME WITH NO VAMPIRES AND BDSM. I had to read it as i felt bad bagging a book i did not read. Sigh….not fun.

So there we go my Top Ten Five Tuesday. Hope ya’ll enjoyed this one and comment what you think and share with me yours TTT 😀 They may not be the traditional horror books, but these books did scare me one way or another. it just may not have been the way you thought….

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Books That Scared Me

    1. Haha thanks- was trying to find a 5th book for my list and there was nothing scarier then 50 shades…maybe the next two books….


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