Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Broke and Bookish.

I loved doing the first one and decided this should become a weekly thing!

This week is 10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me! It was very open ended so i could ask for anything!

1. Unlimited money to spend on books

I love reading, but at the moment i don’t have enough money to buy books int he physical form- and rely on e-books or library books. I also love collecting books- owning the paper copy, the physical one i can hold and fold over pages and carry around. So if i could have unlimited money to buy books….my life would be heaven

2. Library to house aforementioned books

If i can go around buying as many books as i wan’t i certainly need a library to keep them in. When i get my own house (i have already designed it in my head) i am going to have a library- with huge shelves and a comfy chair and just create a nice atmosphere to sit and read my books in.

3.  The Harry Potter World to be real (and to get my Hogwarts Letter)

Everyone has dreamed about this. A world where wizards and magic and everything that comes with it exists and is at our fingertips would be a dream come true. The main thing would be the ability to apparate! So convenient! And going to a wizard school and being sorted into houses….

4. An alternate ending to the ‘Inheritance’ series

I was let down by the ending of the book. How Galbatorix was killed and just the conclusion of one of my most favourite book series was really disappointing and anti-climactic. So another ending would be amazing.

5.  Modern Remake of the ‘Red Dragon’ movie

Thomas Harris is one of my favourite authors, and ‘Red Dragon’ is my favourite book and movie. There was a movie released in 2002, and while this is not an old movie i would love a new version to be filmed. While this has been done in the Hannibal tv series, a full length feature film would be also awesome and be able to explore different themes then the tv series.

6. A Shane Schofield movie (Matthew Reilly)

There has  been so many rumours about a script or talks about the production of a film based on the Matthew Reilly books featuring Shane Schofield. I love these books, and Matthew Reilly writes amazing actions sequences that would make for a thriller film. With the right cast– it would be a hit.

7. A List of all the books i have read

it would be awesome to look back and see all the books i have read, from my childhood to the anxious and socially inept ‘adult’ i am today.

8. To attend a symbology lecture by Professor Robert Langdon

I loved these books and the symbolism and history included in the plot. Dan Brown does such a great job weaving real and fictional history together. I think it would be awesome to attend a lecture by the main character Robert Langdon..and get one of his symbology books signed too 😉

9. Waterproof Books

I enjoy reading physical paper books, but i have had many of my childhood books water damaged because i was a child and decided reading while walking home in the rain was a smart thing to do. Or leaving my book in my bag with a water-bottle during school. So waterproof books (that are environmentally friendly) would be a godsend.

10. The next ASOIAF book to come out

G. R. R. Martin. We have been waiting for so long. Release the next book. Please.

So here is my TTT for this week! Let me know what you think! I had a lot of fun thinking of some obscure and different wishes and would love to hear some of yours!

7 thoughts on “10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

    1. I made the mistake of binge reading all the books in a month or so. That was a year ago and at this point I’m tempted to read them again to fulfill the need 🙂


  1. Somebody else mentioned wanting a list of all the books they’ve ever read. This is such a great idea! I’ve only started keeping track in recent years. Man, I wish I’d been doing it all along. It would be so interesting to be reminded of everything you’ve read and forgotten about. Great wish!

    Happy TTT!


    1. I know! I only just have started using good reads so I have no idea what I have read in the last 19 years of my life :). Would be cool to go back and see the phases I went through with my books


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