Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Broke and Bookish. This is the first time i have done any of these memes. i decided it would be cool to look back on some of the books i have read and just try something else in my blogging.

Ok. Top 5 Author duos i’d love to see write a book together. I had a lot of fun with this- making weird and wonderful combinations. But i was also quite difficult as there are only a few authors i have read lots of books so thinking of who i could combine with who took a bit of time, so instead of 10 i decided to go with 5.

1.  Thomas Harris and Matthew Reilly

My evil scientist mind cackles at this. I love Thomas Harris. His writing style- pretentious language, beautiful descriptions and a story weaved with mysterious and complex and dark characters. Mixed with the fun, action packed, exclamation mark! packed! Writing of Matthew Reilly! His writing is so easy to read with action and gun fights and ‘the plane crashed through he wall as it took off into the sky!’ (don’t think is an actual line, but you know what i mean). I love him. So a combination of these two completely different writers, one subtle and one not so much would be amazing. Maybe a crime/action book?

2. Dan Brown and Matthew Reilly

Both of these authors are very similar in their writing and write very much the same kind of books. Though both would bring something unique and different to the book they would co-author. Brown would brings lore and knowledge and research about cultures, symbols and religion. His writing is steeped in history and i adore his use of artwork to aid his storytelling in the Da Vinci Code and Inferno. Matthew Reilly brings action, guns, destruction but also twists and turns in character development and in the plot. Imagine a story with history, unearthing some conspiracy in a secret organisation (the illuminati ) with symbolism in Andy Warhol art and then BAM! He was thrown into the sky be the grenade that landed at his feet! Seriously though, imagine a Dan Brown book with intense action or a Matthew Reilly book with symbolism and a specific professor (wink wink)

(By the way, Matthew Reilly is one of my favourite authors… but i do find his use of exclamation marks charming and always makes me giggle whenever i read his books)

3. George R.R Martin and J.R.R Tolkien

Not only do they have two ‘Rs’ as initials, they also have the ability to write amazing fantasy novels. Both of them create and weave magical worlds, amazing characters (may Legolas and Jamie Lannister own my heart forever) and stories that last forever. I couldn’t even imagine what they would come up with together. An epic fantasy story filled with politics, lore (Tolkien) and of course death (Martin). Wow. All i know is that it would be incredibly long and be released many many years after it was announced.

4. Emily Rodda and J.K Rowling

Two authors of my childhood. I really don’t know why i paired them up apart from the fact they both wrote series that were a huge part of my childhood. Deltora Quest and Harry Potter were book series that i read over and over. The pages were worn and spines on the broken side as i would shove the books into my school bag. Them working together would be a nice hit of nostalgia and would create a lovely magical book.

5. Michael Connelly and Patricia Cornwell

I love crime books- and these are two of my favourite crime writers. Michael Connelly seems to pump out book after book every year, while i love the Scarpetta series of books and the interesting medical examiner aspect. A combination of these two authors would have the potential to make an epic crime book with great characters, an interesting story and accurate and interesting forensic knowledge. Bosch working with M.E Scarpetta. Would make for an interesting combination.

So my first Top 10 5 Tuesday. This was a lot of fun and i will continue to do these every week 🙂 Let me know your what author duos you would love to write a book together!


13 thoughts on “Top Ten Author Duos You’d LOVE To See Write A Book Together

    1. I know! It was tough, but her and Emily Rodda were the authors of my childhood and just gave me so many nostalgia feels! i’ll defs check it out 🙂


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