Ok So episode 3 of Fear The Walking Dead. We left off with Madison, Nick and Alicia stuck in their house waiting for Travis, Chris and Liza to come back so they can leave the city. Travis and gang are stuck in the barber shop, with Daniel and his family. They want to meet up and leave before things get worse- something tell me nothing will go to plan.

Episode is called The Dog. Please tell me what i think is going to happen will not happen.

  • So Nick is worried that the drugs will not last. Oh Nick, there are so many more worse things that can happen. And they wont last forever.
  • The barber shop is no longer safe and people outside are getting violent. The wall is getting hot they say- so i presume that means someone is trying to burn something down. They didn’t really explain anything. So they leave the store and go into the Madness. Daniel, the barber shop owner, and his family leave with them. His wife gets hurt by something falling, and totally wrecks her foot. they end up saving her and they get into a truck and head back to Madison and the kids.
  • While all of this is going on, Madison,  Nick and Alicia are playing Monopoly. Yes, Monopoly. Things are going to get ugly soon. Monopoly destroys families- more dangerous then the threat of zombies eating them. Most likely yes.

    It’s all fun and games until someone builds a hotel on Boardwalk….
  • Travis takes the truck to a hospital to see if Griselda can get some treatment for her foot. Though the hospital is surrounded by police and they witness someone- whether it was a patient or staff i am not sure- get gunned down in front of them. They decide to leave. Good call.
  • Madison hears a noise somewhere outside- they bring a dog inside covered in someones blood. Nick decides they should head to the neighbours house and steel the shotgun. A shotgun he knew about because he tried to steal it once upon a time. Also Alicia still does not know what exactly that are up against- Madison and Nick don’t tell her. Sigh. I also just realised she plays Lexa in The 100. Neat.
  • They leave the house to get a gun to protect themselves from someone, a walker, approaching the house and LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN. Oh my gosh, i cannot even.

    Is it that hard to close a door?
  • Wow, after they get the gun from the neighbours the head back to the house and see someone is inside. No Sh** Sherlock. I knew that as soon as they left the house and did not close the door someone would get inside. Really, you guys need to wise up or you have no chance at surviving what is ahead.
  • We hear something happen to the poor dog. My heart breaks. Travis gets home and starts to go into the house. Madison and co. rush back to warn him.
  • Travis finds a walker in the house eating the dog (cries) and tries to talks to him. Tells him he is sick and they will help. Why are you trying to talk to him. You have seen this before, people get violent and didn’t listen previously so shouldn’t you run away. And HE IS EATING A DOG. Warning bells should be going off in your head. We know they don’t exactly know what is going on and these are actually zombies, but come on people show some common sense.
  • Daniel blows the walkers head off before it can do any damage.
  • Alicia sees an empty pill bottle in what i presume in the neighbours house. Interesting. Is it Nick who took this pills he found in the house? Or is it someone else?
  • She tries to run back to the house, but to do so she needs to go through a maze. Literally there is a maze in someone back yard. The owner of the house, Suzanne is a walker and catches Alicia. Chris saves here, with no thanks from Alicia. How did the neighbour die? Did she take the pills that were empty and then thats why she turned. Or do you not need to turn to become a walker? Or did she die another way. Hopefully these questions will be answered in the next couple of episodes, or ill have to trawl the internet.
  • Again they try to talk to her. Nick shows some common sense and tell them she is dead. See above- how did she die? Will they ever make the zombie connection
  • They decide, after much argument, to leave in the morning. Daniel refuses to come. From his discussion with his family he has an issue trusting people and being in their debt.
  • Liza his ex-wife is a nurse and wants to be a doctor. I zoned out during her discussion with Madison and Travis. She says the people are dead and somehow are coming back. Come on people- someone say ZOMBIE.
  • Travis has something about guns- refuses to let his son learn how to use one from Daniel. You could say she shoots down the idea *YEAHHH* . Will be interesting to see if this comes up in the future.
  • Madison goes out with a hammer to see Suzanne. Asks what he would have done if he found her at the house like her.
  • They begin to get ready to head off. As they drive away, Patrick, Suzanne’s husband comes home. Madison didn’t end up killing her. Just as Patrick is about to be attacked the walker is shot in the head.
  • The military has arrived! They are talking him away, and asking whether the rest of them have been in contact with the infected blood- they believe it is spread by blood.
  • At this point the army seem to  be in control- patrolling the neighbourhood, taking care of the infected, marking down houses that have been hit. Madison and Travis believes everything might be ok. Daniele on the other hand stares outside dramatically, and says it is too late. Deep. ftwd103_2592

So there we go. Another poorly written and rambling recap of Fear The Walking Dead.

Talk to me about the show!


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