Time for episode 2. I enjoyed the first episode and i am really excited to see where it goes from here and what more we learn about the virus/disease spreading around the country and how this progress to the world we known in TWD

  • Alicia, Nicks sister goes to find her boyfriend, who she hasn’t been able to contact for a while. She walks into his house, and we hear wheezing on the floor. A reptile cage can also be seen in the shot- did he get bitten, or was the reptile cage simple a figment of my imaginations. I’ll find out in a couple minutes time once i continue watching the episode.

    The reptile tank. I really wasn’t imagining it. Though it seems pretty irrelevant. Hm…
  • Madison decides they should really get out of the city- leave and go to the desert. But Alicia calls up about Matt, who is really sick and they decide to go pick her up. Matt is sick with what we presume is the disease-which is what lots of kids have contracted at the school.
  • Travis tries to call his other son, who ignores him. Dysfunctional family right? Well it’s his fault if the zombies get him. Thats all i am going to say.
  • OK so Matt has a bite-the first bite we really see on the show. So at this point the virus can be spread by bite. How the hell did he get it? And if he was bitten by someone why did he let Alicia anywhere near him? At least now Matt is sensible about the whole situation and tells Alicia to go with her family. Yay for logical thinking!

    The bite- but how did he get it?
  • The zombies seem to be getting worse. The other son , Chris, was on the bus home from school. There was a major disturbance in the city- a homeless guy was shot by police 20 times and people are protesting the social injustice. Rightly so! Police brutality is a no no. But this os a zombie show so we all know that from this point on it is going to go downhill. before it was stopped by a disturbance- a guy saying cops had shot a homeless guy like 20 times
  • The sickness is spreading-adults can get it. Pretty much everyone can get it. However we do know that in TWD the people are infected with the virus, and when they die they will turn. So obviously the disease is asymptomatic in some people at the present point or it is not lethal. But how did the people die? How did the principle die? Will Matt get better?. Or do the people not need to die to turn at this stage of the disease. Will they just turn once the disease progresses to a certain point. So many questions and theories.
  • So Nick is now going through withdrawal- and Madison leaves to go to the school to pick up some of the confiscated drugs to help him. Alicia is made to stay with Nick. She goes to leave, but Nick has a seizure and she stays. Thank goodness- i really didn’t want her to die.
  • Madison is back at the school. i feel that the knife she confiscated early in the pilot will come into play. She runs into Tobias who, you guessed it, asks for his knife back! They go to get food that Tobias has been prepping and he pretty much tells us what we all know. Everything is going to go downhill. Madison says it will be contained. We all laugh quietly inside.

    Um….what they hell is this. Is not one concerned about this…in a school… during a zombie outbreak?
  • They hear sounds of a walker, and while the escape run into the principle. He is walking like a zombie, sounds like a zombie. But Madison for some reason decided to go and check on him, and is attacked. What a shocker. Tobias is brave and stabs the walker a couple times with the knife, but is overpowered. Madison saves the day , rightly so as this situation was all her fault, by bashing its head in with an extinguisher.
  • Chris ends up in the city participating in the protest. Travis and his mother (Travis’ ex) come and try to take him away. However before they can escape things get real quickly. Everything goes nuts- and they only manage to just barley escape by hiding in a barber shop. They were lucky to get the shelter at all. The owner did not want to let them in, and his wife did.
  • Madison makes it home, and Travis is stuck in the shop. They contact each other and Madison decides they will wait for Travis get back to them before they leave the city for the desert. Something tells me this isn’t the best idea…and next episode will feature them trying to leave the city amidst the chaos.

So 2 episodes down, and this show is getting really good. The main thing i am enjoying is seeing the progression of the virus and i am loving speculating what exactly the nature of the virus is at the moment. This is probably my inner pathology nerd coming out. Either way it is good television

Let me know what ya’ll think about this episode!


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