I know i am late to the party with this show- but due to university and other things i have not been up to date with my shows as per usual.

I enjoy ‘The Walking Dead’. I am a couple episodes behind the latest season, and while it is not one of my favourite tv shows i really enjoy the plot, the characters and just the overall tone of the show. When i hear of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ i knew i would at least give it a try, like i do with all new tv shows that come out. I at least watch the first couple of episodes to get a feel for the show and then decide whether i will continue watching.

Anyway, lets get started with the first episode, the pilot episode, of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’. Here is my overview of the episode and thoughts, theories…and of course SPOILERS!

  • So we start out at some rundown house, everywhere is trashed and broken. The people look sickly and ill. We see a guy search for his friend, and when he finds here she has been stabbed through the chest and is a walker. Well we who are familiar with TWD know she is a walker but the poor guy who finds here is terrified out of his mind- and runs onto the street to escape. My first thought was WHY ARE YOU RUNNING OUTSIDE THERE WILL BE MORE OUTSIDE! But wait THE WORLD IS NORMAL, people are walking around and the virus has not progressed to where it is during TWD. I loved that first opening scene, i thought it was a flash forward to when the virus has hit-and i think it is great foreshadowing and really made me interested in continuing watching.
  • I also love the opening credits. Pretty cool.

  • So the guy who was hit, Nick is in the hospital and his family visit him. The family is pretty dysfunctional, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out during the rest of the show. Also no one else believes him and what he saw, as he has a history with drug addiction, and they all assume what he saw was a drug induced hallucination.
  • We then move to the school where the two parents and main characters work, Madison and Travis. The principle reveals that more kids have gotten sick and are away. This is what we can presume to be the virus that causes people to become walkers once they die spreading.
  • Madison speaks to one of her students she counsels- Tobias as he was caught at school ith a knife. He says it is safer in numbers, that no one is going to college or doing anything they want to do in the future, and wants his knife back. he talks about how online he has seen stuff about something spreading, something dangerous. Madison says surely the authorities will say something. HAHA LOL! So naive. The knife goes in her desk, i feel it will be important in the future.
  • Nick tells his father about what he saw in the church, his friend who had turned. His father foes and investigates, and believes to some extent what his son saw was real- but his wife says not to tell him, not to humour him.
  • I’m also loving the symbolism and foreshadowing. Travis is talking about a book they are reading, something about starting a fire. How this text symbolises man vs nature and surviving. Hoping in the future episodes when things presumably get bad he has to start a fire- oh foreshadowing how i love you.
  • So Nick escapes from the hospital, due to the nurse being distracted by the older man in the bed next to him declining in health. I was actually worried that the guy next to him will die and turn-then Nick would kill him in self defence and get hunted down by the authorities. Luckily that did not happen.
  • Travis and Madison go back to the church where Nick had the incident to try to find Nick. They then decide to go to his friend Cal’s house to see if he has heard from him. The same actor who plays Cal is also in Faking it (Keith Power)

  • They then drive by some police and a traffic jam. They avoid the incident, and it is later revealed that someone who had been in an accident rose from the dead, attacked people and after many bullet holes in the chest and beatings to the head was only killed by a head shot. People are freaking out.
  • Again the principle says more kids are home sick. This interests me. Is it only the kids who are getting sick with the virus and have symptoms and the adults are asymptomatic. Or is this just me over thinking it, and everyone is getting sick, but as they are at a school it just happens to be the students getting sick. The later is probably right, though if only kids were symptomatic (or initially the virus only turned them and then evolved) that would be pretty cool.
  • Again in class there is more foreshadowing- a teacher talking about Chaos Theory and something about altered states of mind.
  • So Nick goes to see his bestie Calvin- who is a drug dealer to ask whether something in the drugs Cal gave him caused him to have the delusion. Cal drives him out to an abandoned place and goes to shoot him- and after a struggle Nick ends up shooting and killing Cal.
  • Nick calls Nick who shows up with his mother too, and when they go to see Cals body he is gone. Travis and Madison think the shooting did not happen, and drive away with Nick until they run into ZOMBIE CALVIN. After running him over multiple times he still does not die- and they soon realise that something is not right. Something is up.

So there we go, the first episode of FTWD! I enjoyed it. The story seems interesting and i’m intrigued to see where they go. I loved the diverse cast. The way the virus is spreading also made me ask a few questions. Why are they so many kids at the school sick? Coincidence or not? And is it everyone who is sick or simply the kids showing symptoms and missing school.

Since i enjoyed this episode so much, i’ll be watching episode 2 once i get home from work tonight. So stayed tuned for my post about that episode.

Comment down below and talk to me about the episode! Did you enjoy it? 🙂


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