Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts at the moment- i’ve been super busy with my final semester of university and there has not really been much for me to write about. Not forcing myself to write to a schedule and rather when i want to or have something cool to write about has been something i have resolved to do in regards to this blog- to try and keep this as something fun as opposed to a chore.

But this is not what the post is about- it is about my upcoming HOLIDAY! Yes i am going on a holiday. After not getting into medical school (which is a blessing and a curse- ill probably expand upon this is future posts) i decided i needed to go on a trip at the end of this year and at the end of my Bachelors degree.

Next year i should be doing my honours year- and after that my PhD, so i probably wont have enough time OR money to go on a trip and explore the world.

So why not do it now!



For about 20 days i will be exploring LA, San Fran, Washington and NYC!

There will be Disneyland, Universal Studies, an Arizona Cardinals Game and so many more awesome things i have wanted to do. I never got the chance to go on any family trips anywhere (except bali once when i was 17) as we did not have the money, but after the last year of saving up my hard earned money working in a gourmet pizza shop i can finally explore the world and cross some things off my bucket list.

My friend is also coming- which will be fun and interesting! To get the chance to go on a trip by ourselves to a different country and explore will be something i will never forget – hopefully all goes well and we get along the whole time!

I will aim to do daily posts about my trip on this blog so i can share it with you guys as well as have a cool record for myself to look back upon in the years to come. I also am aiming to keep a travel journal with maps and tickets in it as a keepsake and take heaps of photos.

I also want to try as many fast food restaurants as i can.

Under 45 days until i go! With two 20hr flights ahead of me!

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