Welcome to my new post series in which i review some of the books i have recently read! I had posted a while back that i really wanted to get back into reading, and while it took me a while to really get back into reading i was on a roll this weekend reading 2 books in 2 nights!

The first book i read this weekend was “The Immortal Rules”. I discovered this book on Buzzfeed’s list of YA books to read- and the description seemed interesting. The first think i noticed when i started reading was that it was in first person. I generally do not like first person, but i found the style and the way this book was written and the development of the character was really good and this mean’t the the first person issue was not much of a problem for me.

I really loved this book- so much i stayed up until 3am to finish it. The story follows Allie, a young girl who lived in a city that was run by vampires. In this city you had two choices- to become a ‘slave’ to the vampires, giving blood and receiving food and supplies. Or be ‘unregistered’ and fight for yourself.` Allie was part of the latter group, and while she was out with her friends they ran into a group of Rabid’s, people infected with the plague that devastated the world and lead to the rise of the Vampire Cities. She is mortally wounded, but before her death she is saved by a mysterious Vampire who offers her the choice to die by his hand peacefully and without suffering, or become immortal and a vampire. She choses to become a vampire, and the story follow her on her journey. She learns how to survive and the necessary skills, and is confronted with what people think of her when they find out she is a Vampire.

Even though this is a Vampire book, i really enjoyed it as it was a different kind of vampire, and the author Julie Kagawa created a world that was so interesting and a context for the vampires that was different and really added to the story.

I just found out that this book is actually part of a series, The “Book of Eden” series, and as soon as i finish the book i am currently reading i will start on the 2 other books of the trilogy.

The second book i read is a new release. It is “Dumplin’ ” by Julie Murphy. The story follows ‘self proclaimed’ fat girl Willowdean as she comes to face her insecurities. Initially she was at home in her skin, but after a relationship with her friend Bo, she wondered why he liked her. She is fat, and there are so many other skinnier and prettier girls, so why her? The story follows her as she loses some friends, makes some new ones, feels a bit self conscious about her weight, and enters the biggest event in the town- A Beauty Pageant that her mother runs.

I adored this book- Willowdean is an amazing character, and i feel that everyone that reads this book can relate to her one way or another. We see her grow and learn things about herself and other people, and try to feel comfortable in her own skin. We see other girls bullied because they are different, and this book really makes us this about the society we live in. One of the things i noticed was that we never learn’t what the main character’s weight  and size is. The author Julie posted this on her blog as she was getting asked by many people about this, and she said she wanted to leave it ambiguous. We never know this, and everyone who has felt this way about their body can relate to Willowdean.

Read this book- it is funny, emotional, and really touches on some of the issues in out society about self esteem and body image.

Let me know what you guys think about these books if you have read them, and give my any suggestions on what i should read next! 🙂


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