This week i watched a bunch load of movies….more movies then i should of when exams are only days away. So to make myself feel better about these hours of procrastination i thought i should make a post with what movies i watched, my thoughts and a small review. So here we go!

Oceans Eleven-A friend told me it was a great movie, and it was sitting on my Netflix list for months now. And it was a great movie. I am not a huge George Clooney fan, but i must say i now understand some of the appeal. He was great in this movie. The plot was fantastic-i love a good old heist movie. I love the twists, and the big reveal at the end about how they actually did it. Reminded me a lot of ‘Now You See Me’ (i know oceans was ages before it, but i saw Now You See Me first). Brad Pitt, another guy i wasn’t really a huge fan of, or even interested in him, was another surprise for me. I really enjoyed him in this movie, and he looked like Chris Pine to me…which is a bonus. I recommend watching this movie if you are bored and looking for a fun heist/comedy movie.

Oceans Twelve- Sequel to Eleven, but no where near as good. The plot was alright, but while they had motivation to do the heist in the first movie…it just wasn’t there in the second movie…really a bit all over the place. The explanation for how they carried out the heist was…meh. Not much more to say

Oceans Thirteen-Better then Twelve, but not as good as the first movie. The last in the trilogy. The heist was pretty good, and very different from eleven. They seemed to have a bit more explanation as to why they were doing what they were doing. Again, not much more to say.

Mr and Mrs Smith- I had heard of it, and it has been referenced in so many things i have watched, but i had never watch it before. I really enjoyed it, especially for a rom-com which i never enjoy. Brad Pitt was great-somehow i have turned into a huge Brad Pitt fan.. and i am ok with this. Angelina Jolie was also fantastic, she really played her character and was strong in everything she did. The story was interesting, and had some really funny and intense moments (when they both know the other is an assassin but they don’t know that the other one knew, one of my favourite scenes in any movie). Definitely recommend as a movie to have on in the background while doing something.

Shutter Island- AMAZING AND MIND BLOWING. Thats all i have to say about this movie. Psychological thriller and makes you think and question everything. It is super interesting and has so many plot twists. The story is amazing, and the ending is incredible. Leonardo DiCaprio (another of my crushes) was very very good (oscar worthy ahaha…sorry leo) and Mark Ruffalo was also an added treat. Watch it at night, in the dark. I found i couldn’t watch it in the background. I needed to pay attention to every detail, as there was so much to the story and so many little things that created w huge web of plot points and character development. 10/10 amazing!

The Departed- After Shutter Island i was on a Leonardo binge. This came in my suggested netflix movies. It had Leo and Mat Damon (who was in Oceans). it focuses on the police force and organised crime, with moles planted in both of them by the other. They soon find out and then an all out hunt ensures. Started off slow, but i really got into it eventually. The ending was not what i expected, and i was a little bit let down. There was action and deception and action and murder. To me it was ok….but not amazing.

There we go. The results of my week of doing nothing. Just some brief thoughts about the movies i watched 🙂 If you have any suggestions on what i should watch let me know, or any thoughts on the movies just comment below !

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