I didn’t feel hype when this movie came out. Or the hype i did feel was minor in comparison to movies such as the final installation of “The Hobbit” and “The Winter Soldier”. I was looking for a movie to watch on the bus to my 8am lectures and after browsing through the movies of 2014 i decided upon watching “Edge Of Tomorrow.” A decision i will not regret. It is one of the best movies i have watched in a long time.

Although the movie was an apocalyptic alien invasion movie, in which the main character teams up with a group of unlikely teammates to save the world, not once during the movie was i bored or disinterested. The take on the aliens, as well as the concept of reliving a day over and over until you get it right or die, kept the movie fresh and interesting.

Staring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt (I have never been a huge Tom Cruise fan, but man is he attractive and talented in this movie) the world is trying to recover from an alien invasion that originated from meteors that struck the earth. Much of Europe has been overrun and ruined in the ensuing battle as the aliens, different aliens from any that i have seen before in popular culture, destroyed everything in their path. These mimic aliens are far stronger and outnumber the human soldiers, who wear metal exoskeletons  equipped with a multitude of weapons in an attempt to even the playing field.

The main character of the film, Major William Cage, acts as  public relations for the military, encouraging people to join the military force and work to save the world from the alien invasion that had plagued the Earth for 6 years. He is told by his superior officer that he has been redeployed to be on the front line of their next attack on the aliens, and after trying to use his status as a public figure to blackmail his superior, he is arrested transported to the military base in preparation for the attack the next day. After multiple attempts to avoid combat, he is thrown into the fray with little to no battle training. The battle is a slaughter, with the human forces over run, and Cage kills a Mimic Alpha using a claymore mine, which kills him as well. However he is not dead, he wakes up at the base that morning, and relives the day.

Over and over and over he wakes up, dies in combat, wakes up…until he knows exactly what will happen and survives further and further. “Live Die Repeat” is the tag line of the film, and Cage does just that. Rita Vrataski, a decorated war hero notices his ability to anticipate what will happen tells him that when he wakes up next, to talk to her.

They team up and aim to take out the control centre of the aliens, the Omega, by using Cage’s ability to die and restart the day.

Firstly i must say both Cruise and Blunt did an amazing job this movie. As i pointed out before, i am not familiar with much of Cruise’s work, but his acting in this movie impressed me (and i can believe why there is a certain hype about him.) He does an amazing job in portraying Cage, in reliving each day, and seeing that character grow as he relives the day over and over again. It is very rare that we can see the character development in a film, as it is limited to a couple hours of screen time (Peter Jackson seems to ignore this and makes marathons of movies) but Cruise does a great job. I also must comment on Blunt’s acting, her character initially cold and hardened by war, opens up as we see more of her. And she does a great job in portraying the oposite of Cruise. While we see Cage develop with time, Vrataski does not, as she is stuck in a single day. Every time she meets cage it is for the first time, they are strangers with something in common.

The dynamic and interesting plot of the movie was aided by the great music choices, and the production quality was fantastic (as expected). The exoskeletons and scenery were bright and vivid, and the special effects on point, and you can really see how far we have come in our technology.

During my brief research of the film to write this review (i say brief research because i want my reviews to be my own opinion from watching just the movie and unswayed by other opinions or information) i learnt that the movie was based on the 2004 Japanese light novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, which i am tempted to read as i enjoyed this movie quite a lot.

This movie was an unexpected marvel for me. I knew little to nothing about the film, and on a whim i decided to watch it…and was blown away. This ‘inception’ concept of living a day over and over, anticipating the day has always interested me. I actually at the moment i am typing this remembered where i had watched this before, as i had a feeling i had. For those interested it was the Supernatural episode “Mystery Spot”, though the day did not end when Sam died, it was when his brother Dean did. I knew the whole day again thing was familular. Back on topic now. Though it featured the cliche fighting against an alien invasion trope, the “Live, Die, Repeat” of Cages life added a bit more complexity and encouraged you to think more psychologically (if you know what i mean) about the film and the characters.

10/10 would recommend, and i will Sit,Watch and Repeat.

3 thoughts on ““Edge Of Tomorrow” Review-Sit, Watch, Repeat.

    1. it was on the cusp of being 10/10, but i decided to give it the 10 as it interested me personally, and kept me watching. When i watch a movie at home normally i get distracted and stop and start it, but from start to finish i was pretty much full attention and going out of my way between lectures to watch it. It was all the things i liked in a movie-the sci-fi as well as some action, but with a deeper plot if you catch my drift. Sort of had that abstract concept like Lucy (which was an amazing movie but so confusing). But this is my own opinion, and this movie is right up my alley for movies i enjoy so i was pretty pleased and it exceeded my expectations 🙂


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