I have been addicted to Project Runway for ages, and after the last season ended i was stoked that All Stars would fill that void. The designers this season was Patricia Michaels, Alexandria von Bromssen, Chris March, Kate Pankoke, Benjamin Mach, Gunnar Deatherage, Sam Black, Justin LeBlanc, Jay Sario, Fabio Costa, Michelle Lesniak, Helen Castillo, Sonjia Williams and Dmitry Sholokhov.

I remembered some of them from other seasons I watched, and some of these designers were my favourites, I loved Fabio’s designs and his aesthetic, fairy-urban-hipster-coolness i suppose i could describe it by. Even the outfits he wore were divine, and if i had the money and the model figure i would wear the hell out of it. I also really loved Michelle, Helen and Dmitry. I found their aesthetic to be similar In my opinion, though, and though some of the outfits they wore did not really appeal to me, other outfits blew me away.

I was devastated that Fabio was eliminated, the judges never really liked his designs- too simplistic they said, and plain. But that is his aesthetic, and i really would have loved to see him make a final collection. Michelle was also eliminated before finale, i loved her evening dress but apparently the judges did not.

As per normal project runway the finale challenge is designing a collection. This season they had to design 8 pieces in 4 days featuring the 4 seasons. Pretty damn tough.

Im just going to give my opinions and feelings on each collection. I am no fashion expert, my fashion sense is…interesting. But i thought id share my opinion as a lay man. So here goes.


pras4-ep-13-sw-1So perforated leather seems to be a thing, and Sonjia seems to love using it. Similar to one of her other looks she does a crop top with this square cutout top. The skirt is..interesting. I love the shape, how it moves to be transparent. I also like the colour combination. Its different, in your face, and daring. Weird, and i like weird.

After success a couple challenges ago with the lace dress, it features highly in this collections. I’m not a fan of the colour, nor the yellow pants under. Not a fan, bit to simplistic for me.

Swimsuit in a final collection is an interesting choice. But it is a repeat from her swimsuit in an earlier challenge HERE. The colours are nice, i like the lace coverup, but the black throws me off.

Another lace dress, again similar to one she did earlier in the season. Not a fan of it again, same cut and design pretty much as the brown one. Meh. pretty dress but no real design.

The print on the coat is divine, i love it. I would wear this as a pant or dress or coat. I don’t mind the sleeveless 3/4 length coat, but the turtle neck underneath is…too short? it is was full length or a jumpsuit it would look much better personally.

Jumpsuit time. Again Sonjia and the print. It looks a bit heavy for the design. Another print and i could love it. It makes her look really tall, the straps on the back and the neck makes it better then a plain jumpsuit.

Isaac fawned over the coat, but to me it is meh. The colour so weird and yellow. The cut i could like in other colour or pattern. The pants and jumper with another out wear piece i could go with.

This is probably my favourite piece in this collection. The Print is to die for, the cut and design and details, just sigh. The back of the gown with the gold detail thing. if i were famous i could wear this on the red carpet in a heart beat.

FINAL VERDICT- Out of all the other designers she had the best print and colour choices. Helen and Dmitry always have quite dark and subdued colours. But she overdid the lace, repeated designs from earlier challenges, and some of them were…too normal? Simplistic but not Fabio simplistic.


Black and white..ah typical Dmitry. I love the cut of the top, the one sleeve and the cutouts down the arm. The back of the top is also pretty. There was a division between the judges about the fit of the pants. i probably don’t know much about it to pass a judgement. I don’t really mind this look.

These floating cut outs are a signature of Dmitry. He used them lots of times in his season, and again in this season. This outfit is pretty heavy, its supposed to be a spring look. The length of the skirt is awkward, and also the front of the jacket too. I do like the colour, and it works with the styling. But even his awesome technique cannot make up for the iffy design.

Again Dmitry has failed me. The cut of the dress is not my thing, as well as the fabric. I just do not like this at all. It makes the model look, just ugh. And she is a pretty girl. The fabric is pretty, i must admit, but not for this dress. But it is sparkly.

I actually really like this outfit. I would love to wear it. i really do like the colour, the cut, the black straps on the side. This design reminds me very much of Fabio. Down to the pink that the judges hated him using all the time, and the simplistic urban-fairy-hipster. Oh Fabio….Yeah Dmitry, i do love this dress. The model looks divine.

The weed dress as the judges (affectionately??) called it. I also love this. The geometric print and the architecture and sophistication. The black and white i also love. The model again looks sublime. The split at the back. The judges also commented on the loose fit of the dress. and i have to agree with them it makes the dress.

The skirt i am not fussed on, but i would wear the hell out of the sweater. Its nice to see Dmitry using such bright colours. The spiral pattern, the baggy sleeves. I just love it. It looks a million dollars, and he only did it in a couple days with 7 other looks to complete.

Back to black again. Simple pants, black coat with some spiral details here and there. Super clean and finished. Nothing more to say. Typical Dmitry.

FRINGE. Oh how i (didn’t) miss you. Last season it was the rage, though it was used tastefully here. The black and white print is interesting, and paired with the fringe in those strategic places it turns it from plain black and white patterned dress to something more interesting. I would wear this dress. The pattern seems to be slimming too. This is quite ready to wear.

FINAL VERDICT- Though more subdued then Sonjia’s, i do like it more. There are more elements of design, and big WOW pieces. Though he reused things he had already done, they were a bit more fresh and innovative.


This is it. This is my favourite outfit of the whole finale..hell the whole season. I absolutely adore it. She described it as Coco Chanel meets Wednesday adams. And i can totally go with that aesthetic. I love the preppy style, the colour, the length, the fabric. When i say this walk down the runway i knew i loved this.

This would be my second favourite outfit of the finale. The lace she used in the last outfit is used here again. i love the sweater. And paired with the red skirt (that she was told to add as she needed to add colour) it id divine. Amazing. The length is perfected paired with the long sleeved sweater. Would wear

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 6.25.42 pmLifetime messed up its final looks album, so this is the only picture i have of the next look. Ill fix it once they fix their dodgey mistake. Oh Helen, you have such fantastic dresses then present us this. So plain and boring. Boring colour, boring dress, weird red shoes that don’t match the rest of the collection nor the outfit. Why?

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 6.31.44 pmI actually really like this outfit. The texture on the shirt and skirt, as well as the colour. It is a routine shirt and skirt. Crop top, pencil skirt just under the knees. But the texture is what makes it really interesting and took it from boring to a little bit more interesting.

I do like this print, and i don’t mind the cape.It does scream autumn to me, like something a big important business women would wear me. it is not my favourite, but i do like and appreciate it. I am not a business women with lots of money to afford this, but i can see the appeal to that type of women.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 6.33.26 pm

This could have worked with a fitted top and that skirt, or a fitted skirt and that top. And minus the boots. If she wanted that form, with the baggy shirt and flowing skirt (i do love wearing that silhouette) she needed to make it higher on the neck, make the skirt shorter, maybe ditch the print? and get rid of the boots. Combat boots would have probably looked at bit better,

This is one of the outfits i did not like in the finale. it feels disconnected to her whole connection. Another plain black jumpsuit…meh. The coat i do like, i am a fan of coats…and black coats. She could have paired it with something else that i would have liked better.

The judges were not too keen, but i am. The coat i love. The grey, the cut. Cape thingo again on the coat again, but i can look past it. The matching of the grey with the red is also very pretty. I don’t know what the top of the dress looks like, but i presume simple to let the coat shine. I spy awesome boots she is wearing.

FINAL VERDICT- She has some great outfits that i really love, but then she has some shockers that just make you go…what. If she was able to do this for all the outfits she would have won.


Dmitry ended up winning this season. Sonjia second, Helen third. I know nothing about fashion, i am not trying to pretend. But i did really love some of helens pieces. If she had managed to get rid of the really bad outfits in her collection, it would have been strong enough to win. Dmitry, though some of his outfits were a bit boring or repeats from before, all 8 of his looks were clean and finished and not completely horrible.

it was an alright finale, though it would have been 10x better with Fabio in the finale 3.


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