‘Doing Justice’ by Preet Bharara -Book Review

I'm back, did you miss me? I haven't been blogging for a couple weeks now, and to tell you the truth, I did not actually read a single page of a book in that period of time too. The only thing I have been reading has been journal articles for my review paper that I'm … Continue reading ‘Doing Justice’ by Preet Bharara -Book Review

‘The Dark Forest’ by Liu Cixin – Book Review

I'm so excited but scared to review this book as I'm not too sure how to write about how much I enjoyed it. 1# The Three Body Problem (5/5 Stars) 2# The Dark Forest (4/5 Stars) 3# Death's End (?) Title: The Dark ForestAuthor: Liu Cixin Date published: July 14th 2016Format: PaperbackPage Count: 550My Rating:  4/5 Stars This is the … Continue reading ‘The Dark Forest’ by Liu Cixin – Book Review